Monday Emily went to work with her dad as normal and did her school work there with duncan, while jessica stayed home and did her work here at home with Thomas who had the day off college.

Tuesday obviously there is the normal cubs on Tuesdays for Emily but other than that we also went to my mums after I finished work.

Wednesday I was at work all day on a 12 hour shift this day so only one picture and that is a screen shot of a conversation with Emily on whats app about her new baby cousin. The day would have been the same as normal otherwise with her at work with duncan in the morning and her tutor coming in the afternoon.

Thursday was a hard day I woke up to vertigo and had to miss work (and Friday was worse) the girls stayed at home with me and we did duvet days curled up and watched TV chatted and they helped look after me and I phoned the doctor.

Friday I had doctors and got some more of my meds, mum came and she was going to do work on sewing with the girls but unfortunately we had an impromptu trip to the vets with Jessica’s rabbit Fawn instead. Unfortunately she was too poorly to save and was instead put to sleep.

Jess helped make the decision and was sad but there wasn’t anything she had done or could have done she was fine in the morning but by lunch had her head leaning to one side without any ability to move her back legs, she either had a stroke or more possible a parasite that attacks the brain.

We brought her home and set about getting Groot out of the cage and inside as if it was the parasite it would be present in the cage. We then all piled in the car to pop for some munchies to eat during Thomas’ first ever performance.

He did amazingly and after we took them all to Mac Donald’s for dinner.

Saturday, so I was back at work on an 8 hour shift and the kids had music lessons as normal in the morning and then Jessica joined Thomas for his to work on their joint performance in the music shops concert.


Again I was at work for an 8 hour shift and jessica cooked dinner from her curriculum cook book (it was delicious)