Monday: so a normal day for the kids helping with van conversions and doing their daily school work from their curriculums and then when I got home I helped Emily start her Atlas Crate project.

Tuesday, normal day in the brown household with the girls doing their work either at duncans work or when they get home today Jessica was tackling some tough maths so waited until duncan could sit down with her.

Wednesday: so Jessica had Paul in the morning and went over the work she had done all week up until now and then in the afternoon we had Lysa here with Emily going over her weeks work and we worked on her new clicker program helping her write a poem.

I also finished writing out Thomas’ PIP form ???? might not have been as long as the DLA form but no easier either.

Thursday, well same old same old Jessica and Thomas were at home, Emily went to work with duncan it’s nice to see that Thomas is offering Jessica help with her work when she gets stuck and he came to me to let me know he didn’t think she still grasped the subject so I could let paul know because “he will probably be able to explain it better than me as I can’t see what’s so hard about it” big big improvements all around with Thomas learning to articulate it such a way.