Monday 6th isolation day 15: today we did the Mel science kit maths English and cake making. We also did the first section of the new science course I have just purchased the kids. Emily also had a brilliant music lesson on her violin.

Tuesday 7th isolation day 16: We did experiments with cornflour and water, and the girls made a volcano ready for tomorrow’s experiment before doing some cooking of flat jacks and bread rolls before dinner bath and beds ????

Wednesday 8th isolation day 17: another great day we did our volcano experiment then Jessica did her Art course and Emily and I worked on her Buzzing Circuits, Tinker Crate. Emily also did amazingly at her Piano lesson too. This afternoon Emily helped make a loaf unfortunately after two hours of rising she beat all the umph out of it kneading it while I washed my hands ????????‍♀️ so we have a rather flat rather wide farm loaf. Ha ha, the girls also jumped into the spa.

Thursday 9th isolation day 18: kids did some written work and we sat and watched some documentaries on Egypt.

Friday 10th isolation day 19: Today the weather was beautiful again we got our outside camera up and wired in, took down and cleaned our network casing, cleaned the BBQ up normal housework including hoovering and mopping while we did this the girls were planning Emily’s last Cub camp at home. they got the tents out and up and packed their bags. in the afternoon we did a bit of cooking made cakes, bread, and a swiss roll.

Saturday 11th isolation day 20: In keeping with Emily’s badge for her last cub camp she cooked dinner (burgers on the BBQ), Older two had their music lessons and we did a bit of weeding of the wall we had a much more lazy day today as this is all we got done but kids spent most of their time in their tent playing scout games.

Obviously campers on cub camp have to have a tent inspection ????

Sunday 12th isolation day 21: Easter Sunday ???? we spent a nice peaceful day chilling eating easter eggs and generally had a lazy day. Emily’s new sensory headphones showed up the day before and were charged and ready for her by today and they are really good, she spent the whole day listening to audiobooks with them.

Emily in her new headphones!