This box wasn’t so much Halloween fun as Remembrance day fun for us. unfortunately I cam down with a chest infection so We didn’t actually get to start the recipes until after Halloween and into November.

Neither the less they were very nice all the same.

Halloween fun!!

The box contained the following Recipes:

Caramel Rice Krispie Monsters

I won’t lie this recipe was absolutely disgusting and so over-complicated compared to how we would normally make the same thing but they did look great once done.


Toffee Apple Oat Bars

These were absolutely gorgeous and they didn’t last long after we made them! this recipe has been very carefully added to the family favourites.

Toffee Apple Oat Bars (before cooked)
Toffee Apple oat bars 1

Mummy Muffins

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of these before they were all gobbled up. They were however an other big hit. I wont lie we didn’t actually use the icing butter cream recipe they provided. Buttercream is a bug bare in this house. We made our own Cream cheese icing recipe instead. Cream cheese icing doesn’t melt as you are trying to use it. Buttercream is not a good choice if you have fine motor skill issues to contend with.

Mummy Muffins
Mummy Muffins

Spider Web Cake

By the time we did this bake it was actually remembrance Day. (November 11th 2020). So we didn’t actually do a Spiders web cake. However Emily, in all her uniqueness went for a Poppy cake using up the last of the Green Halloween sprinkles and adding some red Dye to the White chocolate.

Poppy inspired Spider Web Cake

Snakes and Witches Fingers

I have not actually tried these Bread Sticks Myself. In this house apparently you snooze you loose lol. However the kids all happily demolished them down so I really think it is ok to say they were a hit. (would have like to try them but you have to be quick in this house hahaha)

Snakes and Witches Fingers Breadsticks

Pumpkin Dough Balls and Mini Pizzas

these were absolutely lovely and again like most of the recipes from this box they have been added to the family favourite recipes folder.

Pumpkin Dough Balls and Mini Pizzas
They didn’t hang around to get any more photos of them before they were eaten.

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