We Have been having Fun with the But will it burn? Kit. We have been getting Mel Science Kits since January and the Girls have absolutely loved them so much so we have decided to start sharing our girl’s Experiences with the Kits with you.

But will it Burn?

This Kit was a particular favourite of the Girls. They opened the box and got out the required items from their starter kit before they put their gloves and glasses on.

They were so eager that I got very few pictures of them enjoying this box or the boxes we completed before it (due to the lockdown decorating we had a few before we had a chance to actually use any of them)

Fire Foam Experiment

Setting up the experiment

They Did the Fire Foam experiment first. This experiment was an impressive pop and a flash of flame.

We were unable to actually get a picture of it. Thankfully Mel Science had one we were allowed to share as it really was beautiful.

Emily getting ready to light it.

Emily Did this experiment. Jessica stood by encase she was needed but Emily managed it almost completely without help. Jessica did need to help put the stopper on for her. It was so simple and the directions on the app done so well. She followed them easily and we repeated it a few times before she was ready to move on.

Igniting Iron Experiment

We did predictions before doing the experiments and interestingly enough both girls believed the Iron wouldn’t ignite.

Which meant they were both surprised when it started to light up and as Emily put it twinkled like Christmas lights.

Jessica getting ready to do the experiment.

Jessica did the igniting Iron Experiment first. Emily needed to replace her gloves but this one we decided to ditch trying to get Photo of and instead recorded the experiment. they loved this But will it burn set it was a real winner.

(which will be imbedded once Jessica has finished editing it for her IT)

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