Help with Kick Starting Secondary Children In Art? if so you have come to the right place. Links for other subjects can be found here.

Jessica Painting one of the dragons found on her bedroom walls.

Kick Starting Secondary Children In Art

TES – More fantastic worksheets, activities and teaching plans from TES.

S-cool– I think this site may be kids helping kids. It does seem to have had an update. Even so it is still a little like being stuck in your child’s head. It is certainly colourful, to say the least.

This aside there is a fair amount of information within the site and I have added it here for Jessica to access. My only concern is that it does have a few hidden adverts about cheaper sim only deals with them etc and has links to pay for study material as well (mojo). So maybe keep an eye on younger secondary children.

Lesson Tutor – Free Printables and Lesson Plans, advice and Help

BBC Bitesize – has everything you come to expect from the BBC with facts, ideas and much much more.

Paul Carney Arts – Art lesson plans for secondary aged children (American site).

Paid for provisions

Udemy – paid for but you can get some great courses cheaply if you keep an eye out. My Jessica has completed a few of these over the years and loves them

OCA – Online art degrees and courses. We have this one bookmarked for Jessica our little budding artist. will open on page about their prices they do shorter courses. (wont lie still expensive but do look good)

Cambridge Home school – again one I had down for Jessica next year as a remote learning option alongside her Gold award.

Skill share – brilliant site again paid for but opens you up to the possibility of learning lots of new skills.