Hi all, as a home educator for the past 10 years. I have accumulated quite a supply of educational links and a whole host of cheap easy activities to try and keep kids occupied.

So I have started putting them into collection posts of from all over my blog and then plan to list those here so they are all in one place.

please bare with me I am still going through my masses of links to organise. But all links in this page have been checked to ensure they still work. I have also checked those already pre sorted into their posts.


















blockly games – computer science and coding website it’s kind of game-based with levels that get more in-depth as you progress if you follow it from the start but you can start from any point. (all ages)

I have added this post for websites we use when the children part take in independent learning here.


collaborative learning – This has daily activities since the lockdown worth looking at but all over the place regarding age and subject.

primary resources – lots of different subjects covered. It appears in all of the Primary lists.

activity village – Lots of different activities

soft schools – not all of the links here are suitable for beginners but well worth keeping the link.


TES – More fantastic worksheets, activities and teaching plans from TES. This one appears in all of the other lists both primary and secondary it is a really useful link. Not all items are free but many are.

IXL ok so there is a full range of free activities but it is very limited and is really also paid for a resource to be able to fully make the most of it priced at the moment (March 2020) as follows £7.99 a month for a single subject (English or Maths) 12.99 for double or annually £59 single £99 double subject for full access.

futurelearn – Paid for a whole selection of online courses at varying levels and varying lengths.

Seneca learning – KS2 up limited free options but quite a reasonable price for the paid resources at £12.99 a month (paid annually) for the cheapest price of the most expensive option for what they have on offer it is well worth the investment to help your child reach good grades in their chosen exams (this price does not include the exam price just covers all the extensive revision information within the site a great way to strengthen weaknesses within the overall knowledge they would need to achieve good grades.

Oxford HomeSchooling– NOTE financial commitment required, this is for those with children from 11years up. KS3 up

First aid/ health

British Red Cross – First aid education for children,


Ecofriendlykids– loads of activities, quiz, worksheets and some really great ideas for recycled projects.

Ollies Recycling – lesson plans and a few other bits the lesson plane is quite good I used it for one of my lessons

Planet Pals – Print these excellent sets of signs and posters of recycling tips and reminders and helpful list to remind you of ways to reduce waste when shopping etc.

Sandiego.gov -Dot-to-dot can, Match recycling words and definitions, Raw materials line up activity – primary

abcteach – Find your way through the maze to put the bottle into the recycling bin, Can you solve this environment-themed word search puzzle? or try A recycling word search – primary

Recycle morewebsite based for schools limited information, activities etc primary.

Recycle more– website based for schools limited information, activities etc. secondary.


Nature Detectives – these have moved last march (2020) to their Woodland trusts website. It was always owned by the woodland trust but now they aren’t as easy to access and nowhere as near as good but this is some of the activities they do still offer

ABC Earthday – this is linked to their printout sheets

Primary Games – Print out this writing paper with a recycling theme, they have writing paper is suitable for younger writers And Lots of printable bookmarks with a recycling theme

Compassion in world Farming – older primary up information on farming fitted into a few different subjects.

Skills Workshop – another good site especially for older children information for functional skills among other subjects.


Origami Instructions – Instructions to origami folding, go on give it a try!

A to Z Teacher stuff – Free resources I have found this site very useful and really like it it has everything to pre-planned lessons to free worksheets I find it really useful when approaching a subject which your not to sure how to approach as you can download and read it then either use the pre-planned stuff or adapt it to your children or just use it as an idea of what can be done and make your own.

Teachers Corner – A fantastic resource for Word searches you can easily make your own printable word searches. FREE

Useful Blogs

The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide – useful blog when you are looking for something to do with your kids (aimed at the younger ages)