Wednesday 24th February 2021

Today letter was about Banjo’s adventures in Iceland. This one captured Emily’s imagination when she looked up the northern lights!

This delivery we got:

  • Letter from Banjo
  • Guide to Iceland
  • Recipe card
  • Sticker sheet
  • Writing paper to reply to Banjo
  • Envelope for reply to Banjo

I managed to get a recording of Emily reading a little of this letter as you can watch below.

Banjo’s adventures in Iceland read by Emily!

Her enthusiasm for these letters hasn’t waned at all she is still just as much invested in this one as she was the last.

She was just as excited at reading the Recipe card of Piparkokur (pepper Biscuits) little spiced treats eaten in December. She wasn’t so sure what to make of the finished piece but as they didn’t last long enough for me to even get a snap of a crumb of one I would assume someone decided they were edible.

Icelandic Volcano

In this letter’s Banjo’s guide to Iceland is an Icelandic Volcano activity idea we have done this particular activity many times for those on this road for the first time it really is a inspirational idea and great activity.

Emily loves the activities on the guides. No matter those activities be questions and Quiz’s, Drawing challenges or activities like this each one is different but all just as fun. I have to say the thought and research that goes into these little letter bundles truly are appreciated by my little Girl.

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