Our 30 days wild challenge has started! June is one of our Favourite times of the year, it’s the time the wild awakens and the natural world starts to shine. Birdsongs, Bright green grass, bugs galore there is so much to see and hear it’s beautiful.

We love the outdoors and we do try to get out there as much as possible, we probably do this more in the winter than we do in the summer months as the sun brings out the people. But Spring and Autumn have to be the best times of the year.

In this series of 4 posts, we will give you a heads up to how we tackled our #30dayswild and some of the fun we got up to.

Our 30 Days Wild Challenge Day 1: Garden Fun

On day 1 of our 30 Days Wild Challenge we hit the floor running with Science fun in the Garden, the Girls had great fun with their MEL science boxes and probably the biggest hit was the Letterbox Labs box of a balloon Rocket! It shot over the house so fast even our Ring doorbell didn’t catch the balloon land outside our front! The Girls had a blast.

Obviously, no day in the garden is complete without a Lunch of Pancakes in the sun. We missed our breakfast in the garden due to us all being slow on the get-go this morning. But time wasn’t going to stop us from joining in with the Breakfast in the garden we just went with brunch in the garden instead.

We spent the afternoon pottering with the bikes and getting them ready for the season, pumping tires, checking brakes, oiling the chains and soon had them all ready for the next day’s planned bike ride.

2nd Day: Bike Ride at Southwick

Day 2 of our 30 Days Wild Challenge resulted in a shorter bout of wilderness. Although we didn’t get as long out and about in the wild today we still seized the chance we had.

After a day in the car collecting my mum to take her shopping, back home to then find our way to Trowbridge to get some bits for our bikes.

Once home we just had enough time to make ourselves up some drinks and setting the slow cooker up with some dinner before loading the car and hitting Southwick. only a short 2-mile cycle around the country park twice but it was still well worth it.

3rd Day : Arts and Crafts in the Garden

We had a great time making Birthday decorations although it started in the garden today we ended inside as the wind kept blowing the paper about but we left the patio doors open to let the outside in. The children made a Happy Birthday banner and lots of paper pompom balls to hang around the garden tomorrow for Nanna’s Birthday. Oh, and Emily found a novel way to help make the Cheesecake base! 1 Chocolate cake, one victoria sponge and 1 Bailey’s cheesecake later it was time for bed!

4th Day: Birthday Party in the Garden

Today after work and a carefully constructed plan to get Nanna out of the house! we arranged a surprise Birthday meal in the garden. Jessica ensured Nanna left the house long enough for me to get home from work, decorate the garden and lay the table while Duncan made his shepherds pie. Cakes a plenty as all three children made their favourite cakes the day before.

5th Day: Working in the Garden

I had a little to catch up with for the website so while the children went to music I enjoyed a little peace and some time working in the garden. When they came back they joined me and chilled reading in the garden.

6th Day: Bug House Building

Today we had quite the quite day we chilled out and lazily put together a bug house in the garden.

Emily was given this bug house by Santa on her birthday last year during our stay at Center parcs but it wasn’t a very good one it did eventually come together

7th Day: Ducks in the Park

As I work on Mondays and this particular Monday was a long one Emily played in the garden and was promised a makeup adventure on a different day (she cashed it in the next day Tuesday 8th June!)

So her make up adventure was a walk through Town park and out through the nature reserve to the River Wylye! here she paddled in the river in her wellies before turning around and walking back to collect Jessica from her young leader role at cubs.

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