What better way to start a trip than with a Girls trip to the coast for a couple of nights? Just the Girls, myself and our poppy in an impromptu trip to Lyme Regis for two nights. Jessica learned about roping down a trailer, We found our way there even if on route while Jessica was online doing her Arts Award I forgot to switch the lights off so we ended with a dead battery and an AA call out. hey ho, you live and you learn!

Girls trip – Getting the Tent up!

Once we arrived we quickly set about setting up camp. We managed to get the tent up quick enough not bad as this is only her second time out. Once up, Beds ready and everything unloaded we piled in the car for a shorter Road trip.

There was actually a good range of parking we parked at the top of the town and walked down to investigate what was there. As this trip was a little spontaneous we didn’t preplan any of it other than booking the field to camp in.

There was plenty to see and do and as by not it was gone 5 pm everywhere was quiet no people in sight! We wandered around looked at what was there then spent some time chilling on the Beach.

It wasn’t long before it was time to grab some water and head “home” for the evening. A quick stop in the little towns Tesco gave us what we needed and then a long walk up the hill back to the car.

Day 1: 3 Girls and a random Beach hut!

Today we woke up and headed back down to the beachfront this time parking in the Cobb Gate car park. It cost us £20.70 for a whole day 😱. I won’t lie that is extortion! completely unreasonable.

If it wasn’t for Emily and I who have been struggling with our sensory processing issues I wouldn’t have bothered.

Unfortunately, our ability to cope is varied and unpredictable. Therefore, I needed the car close. I would not have paid it before my breakdown in 2019. Before that, I would have parked up the hill again like we did the night before.

We found our way to costa for a warm-up and a drink. We also used it as an opportunity to charge our devices.

Emily had an online lesson with her new tutor from Kip Mcgrath from 11:30-12:30 so we made plans around that.

There we were sat on the wall with our designated activity and spotted the beach huts. Come on! what better classroom than a beach hut? for the absolutely Bargain price of £11 per day we booked hut number 10 for 2 days!

Emily was amazing she worked brilliantly. While in her lesson, Jessica and I got in some art, making the most of the views.

Once Em was finished, it was time for lunch. Out came the picnic before going on a hunt for some Ice cream. All in all, we had a wonderful day chilling paintings in the beach hut.

Emily and the Cheeky Seagal.

We had a wonder and a chat with a lovely lady outside The swim. Although we were hoping to have dinner there but unfortunately, they were closed. She advised us of a fish and chip place instead. Taking her advice and ate sausage and chips by the sea. Emily Lost her sausage to a cheeky Seagal! the Cheeky cap swooped down and stole it while her back was turned!

We had a wonderful day and even stayed until 8 pm some 12 hours after arriving! But as Emily’s bedtime arrived we decided to then head back “home” for the night.

Day two: Early Departure

Here things got a little hairy the sun was out in full force today. That also meant the people were. We had mostly packed as Emily was starting to struggle. Therefore, we came to the decision to head home today instead of first thing tomorrow. We had Everything packed in no time and the tent left up to air while we headed back to the beach.

Today wasn’t quite as relaxing it started wonderfully a little busier but ok. However, by about 1:30 pm, people were packed in like sardines. We had thankfully already decided to go and had taken most of our items back to the car already by then. The girls had been swimming and dried off and we headed back to finish our packing.

We took down the tent and had the car loaded ready to go in half an hour and we were home by 5pm.

It was a fab little break and we had a fab time. Unfortunately, Thursday was a wipeout as we were all recovering in our own ways however another busy day Friday followed which has wiped us out for the weekend.

Back to normality Monday!

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