Long gone are the days when the girls need me to help with their costume designs. This year my girls are going it alone!

They have each designed, planned and made their own costumes and are planning their own Halloween party too. This has been a big part of their October project. planning and putting together a party on a budget.

They have access to anything we have in the baking cupboards, any decorations in the attic and £30 to plan and put together a Halloween party.

Emily chose to adapt one of her old dresses. Jessica has built herself a whole new outfit from scratch using old sheets and leftover material scraps.

Going it alone!

Over the past week, they have planned, brought where needed and planned costumes décor, food and games for their own Halloween party for themselves and 4 friends (2 each)

They did so well and a great time was had by all. I was required for very little so I couldn’t have been anymore proud of the girls. We move onto Myths and Legends Next week starting with Greek Mythology.

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Alternatively, to find out more about the characters they chose from the My Hero Academia fan Wiki pages. Jessica was Shoto Todoroki and Emily went with Tsuyu Asui.