So our most recent topic is as you have probably already guessed the wonderous world of Greek Myths. I have always loved myths and legends. So you can imagine my delight when Emily started to show an interest in them.

Thank you, Stephen Fry!

Those of you who know us will know how I owe Stephen Fry a lot including my sanity! for those who dont I will briefly outline why below.

We found out by fluke some 6 years ago that this wonderful man’s voice soothes our youngest beans mind. This has meant his audiobooks really were a lifesaver as long as he talks she sleeps! so over the years, we have gone through all his audiobooks appropriate for Emily.

We have spent years of having the Harry Potter books being read out each night. I think it is safe to say she knows them inside out.

Greek Myths

Anyway, Stephen Fry has written and created audiobooks on the wonderful world of Greek mythology. This includes the audiobooks called Mythos, Greek heroes and Troy.

When unsure if a collection is going to be Emily friendly a family member checks them out. For these, I had brought them and asked Thomas to check them out for suitability. I suspected the stories have quickly become one of her favourites and inspired her to learn more.

Today she has been researching Hades, Persephone and Cerberus. She has really enjoyed it, I have taken the opportunity to teach her independent research. Therefore, we have gone over all information, looking at finding accurate sources of information. We also covered spotting mistruths or errors in the information. After all finding facts about myths is actually hard work!

We compared information and then she has chosen what parts of stories she likes and doesn’t.

The end plan will be to get her to make her own version of the story of Hade’s abduction of Persephone.

You can Find Stephen Fry’s narrated audiobooks here on Audible. or visit to buy his books, CDs and other versions of his brilliant books. Here you can find more about our projects.