These Superbly simple junior baubles make wonderful handmade gifts.

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Junior Baubles: (suitable all ages)

These are the very basic baubles, these are brilliant for those with shorter attention spans and the quickest of the baubles available in this.


  • Small Circluar item to draw around (glass, roll of tape, juice bottle or even circle punch)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Christmas card (old christmas cards work amazingly!)
  • Glue (PVA, double sided tape or glue stick)
  • Ribbon, thread or twine to create a hanger.


Time needed: 15 minutes

  1. Gathering your items

    Firstly, take a larger circular object or punch anything 2-4 inches (6-10 cm) in diameter depending on how big you want the finished bauble to be. This technique can work on any symmetrical shape (star, bell, Christmas tree or Bauble shapes etc)

  2. Making your circles

    Next, Draw around your object and carefully cut the shapes out (you may want to prepare this in advance for younger family members). You require 4-6 same sized circles per Bauble.

  3. Decorating

    Also, as these tend to be made by younger members of our family. We use plain card and allow the children to draw their own pictures on one side of each of their circles.

  4. Alternatively

    However, These look fantastic made with patterned paper too especially if you make more than 4 circles to your bauble and add 6 instead.

  5. Scoring

    Next, take each circle and score a line down the centre of it so your chosen design is folded in the middle of the fold

  6. Making the hanger

    Now, take 10-15cm of your chosen ribbon, thread or twine and fold in half then knot the two ends together.

  7. Attaching your hanger

    However, We always start taping the hanger to the first edge of the fold of the first folded circle. (as pictured)

  8. Starting to take shape.

    Next, take your double sided tape or chosen glue and place it over the two halves and ensure you don’t forget the folded edge of each of the circles. Now, press each folded half to the next until you have all 4-6 circles stuck together.

  9. Putting the Superbly simple junior baubles together

    Lastly, stick the exposed half of the first and last circles together to complete your ball shape ensuring all the edges of the folded circles are glued securely.

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