Homemade Soap making has never been so super easy as it is with melt and pour soap base. This activity is a big sensory pleaser for us too.

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  • Melt & Pour Soap base (we use this one)
  • Moulds (any silacon moulds we have these)
  • Food colouring or Soap colouring (we have these)
  • Essential oil scents (the ones we have aren’t available however these are similar but offers more scents)
  • Micro wavable dish
  • knife
  • spoon or something to stir

Easy Soap Making

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Step one:

    cut yourself an amount of soap base and cut into cubes and place into microwavable bowl

  2. Step Two:

    Choose the Scent and colour you want to add to your Soap

  3. Step Three:

    Melt your soap base in the microwave keeping a close eye on it until it has completely melted.

  4. Step four:

    once melted add your chosen scent and colour then stir.

  5. Step five:

    Pour your mixture into your chosen moulds (you can use any silicone moulds. However, we do not use the moulds we use for soap for food products)

Frugal? Really?

Ok so outlay if you do not have essential oils within your home can be costly. Moulds again it all adds up. However, despite this yes it is a very cheap, simple and easy activity.

A pot of Soap base lasts us all year (I will try and work out how many Bars it makes for you). However, we make our own soaps for handwashing in bathrooms as well as in the bath. So while the initial outlay can be expensive in the long run it is a cheap activity.

The colours and essential oils we have never had to replace since we first brought them in November 2018. That purchase was to replace a lavender oil I had previously been given while pregnant with Thomas some 15 years earlier in 2003!

So while yes outlay is expensive the little you use the ingredients will last you for years (our oils are now running low in our favourites we brought small mixed bottles to try new scents. We will stick to small bottles as we wouldn’t use a big one up before the oil would go bad.

Making do with what you have for your soap making.

You do NOT have to but all the bits we started using the base, clean yoghurt pots as moulds, our jug was 2nd hand as was the spoon and knife we keep for the soap both from gifting sites. We didn’t do Coloured soaps to start with and when we did we used food colouring** as for scent we used dried Lavendar from the garden before a friend mentioned the lavender Oil I had for my bath to aid my sleep and we have used cooking peppermint flavouring too.

**food colouring will stain depending on type! We learned the hard way with White Flannels 🤣 *As an amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases

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