Today Jessica went live on Wiltshire Gifts taking an old Christmas Jumper and transforming it into a Christmas Cushion. She did absolutely amazing I was so proud she was nervous and went shy. However, hopefully, they will both soon find it less daunting and be more comfortable.

We welcome any hints, tips or feedback on our first live feeds hopefully we will slowly get better 😉

Christmas Jumper to Christmas Cushion

From Christmas jumper to a lovely Christmas Cushion

Turning an outgrown Jumper into a wonderful keepsake cushion is super easy. My girls have been doing this to their favourite Christmas jumpers for years. We even found that Rudolph’s nose kept glowing and singing for years after being turned into a cushion!

This is such a simple transformation that you don’t have to be a seamstress to create it you don’t even need a sewing machine you could sew it up by hand!

If you decide to give this craft a go then please share your creation using the hashtag #wiltshiregiftschristmas
To find out what we create this year watch out for the Children’s house going up on Wiltshire Gift’s Instagram and Facebook social media pages.

However, if you would rather watch Jessica’s Live feed you can on here for Facebook and Instagram.


  • Old or outgrown Jumper
  • Sewing machine or thread and needle
  • Poppers

Time needed: 20 minutes

  1. Cut off the arms

    The first thing to do is to remove the arms from your jumper.

    To do this simply follow the seam of where the Arms are attached and cut the seam and arm off.

  2. Remove the Neck

    Next, is to remove the neck seam.
    This is achieved by simply cutting straight across from the top of one arm all the way across to the other removing both the neck and shoulders from the jumper

    *However, some Jumpers depending on where the picture of pattern falls will allow you to take off the Arms and neck in one go by cutting straight across from the bottom of one arm to the opposite arm.

  3. Sew it up

    Next, turn your jumper inside out and sew up your newly exposed edges.

  4. Poppers

    Finally, Turn your jumper back in the right way. Fill with your cushion pad and plan, then add some poppers to keep your cushion pad in place.

*Apologies for the Lack of photos I will add these in ASAP (8/12/2021)*

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