Today we were so very lucky to go to an amazing unwrapping of a mummy event at the museum at Weston-super-mere and meet with Sue Green.

This trip was well worth it and Sue Green was amazing to talk to, it really spurred on Emily’s interest in Ancient Egypt.

We were talked through who Sue was and the amazing experience she got to have when Bristol Museum decided to actually unwrap one of their mummy’s.

She talked us through the whole process and experience with multiply visual aides including pictures and PowerPoint presentations. It was done in a way that all the children stayed engaged and asked questions.

To find out more about this amazing lady or to hear her amazing tale you can find it all on the Weston museums Facebook page here. the video is here.

Unwrapping a Mummy activities

Not only did they have a host of artefacts the children could look at, touch and books to look through, they also had a range of activities.

  • Writing in Hieroglyphic’s
  • shabti doll Making in Clay
  • a booklet of activities and questions etc

There was also a number of books available for the children (and us adults) to look at. I have posted links to each book for Amazon Marketplace and where possible provided an ISBN number for each title.

The Western Museum

After the Activity was over we headed to look around the small museum.

It maybe small but Emily had a great time, Using my phone Emily took pictures of some of her favourite bits. She also loved the chance to dress up.

she had two favourite bits though which I have added in the photos and they were:

Mosaic floor tiles appear to be some sort of family crest.

The dog skeleton of ‘Rusty’ (even running back to say goodbye before we left).

As she had been so well behaved today we even popped into their shop and treated Emily to a little something.

I would like to express a big thank you to the Home ed mum who arranged this event with the Museum, to the amazing museum staff especially Sue Green who really made it so fantastic.

If you would like to find more of what Emily got up to in her ancient Egyptian project (and posts of What the older two did in theirs) you can find all posts on the subject here.