Welcome! This post is about the Mel Science Chemistry of Winter experiments! Our girls are home educated and absolutely love their Mel science boxes.

Today they got out and explored the Chemistry of Winter box.

This contained 2 experiments within it

  1. Instant Snow
  2. Christmas Tree

Experiment 1 Chemistry of Winter: Instant Snow

This one was the Girls favourite Experiment of the two done today. The experiment itself was about molecules. The fact that a small pinch of Sodium Polyacrylate can absorb a whole cup of water amazed Emily.

For the Exact science you will have to grab your own box, download their Excellent app and have a go yourself 😉.

I cannot Praise MEL Science enough for their well planned experiments and awesome apps that accompany them.

Experiment 2 Chemistry of Winter: Christmas Tree.

For this second experiment a little patience is required, However the results are still nonetheless very cool.

In this experiment, the instructions take you through making up your magic solution (Sodium Chloride, Potassium hexacyanoferrate and Water) and pouring it into your petri dish, adding a little dish soap.

Next it talks you through making up your Christmas tree and positioning it into your solution overnight.

By the next Morning your Christmas Tree should be covered in white ‘snow’.

Our experiment worked really well.

Unfortunately, we weren’t to grab a photo before ‘the incident’ 😱.

Garfield in his normal mischievous style tripped Emily While she was carefully removing it from its ‘safe’ place.

The Girls absolutely loved doing these experiments, If you would like to Follow more of their Mel Science experiments you will be able to find them here.