We were joined by Clare, Connor, Jamie and Stu today to make our own Christmas t-shirts. The children all did amazing and we Ended the day with some amazing designs.

How to Make your own Christmas T-shirts

Required Items

  • Fabric Pens
  • Cheap Tshirts
  • Printer
  • Paper


So to start with the children discussed what they wanted to do on their own T-shirts, Then they went about Drawing, designing or online searches for inspiration/ Images to use and merged them together to create their desired theme.

Emily’s Theme: Personalised Gatcha Images of her and her bestie she made on the Gatcha app.

Jamie’s Theme: Christmas Truck. He tried to draw his own but eventually adapted an image from online.

Connor’s Theme: An Anime Character in Christmas clothes with a big Christmas tree

Obviously, us “adults” wanted to join in too so ours were:

Mine: Christmas ATAT I hand drew from various pictures and fan art.

Clare’s: Christmas Reindeer Clare found a cute colouring page Reindeer she used as Inspiration

Step one: (those using printed media)

Once the designs were printed each had to go over the paper design and pull out the basic details they wanted to use with a black Sharpie.

Step Two: Drawing your design.

Using Fabric Markers it is so easy, it is important to read the instructions on the type of markers you use how ever the end results are the same regardless of price of makers.

Those Copying or using printed media placed their media on the inside of their T shirts and followed the Sharpie lines visible through the top, Those drawing free hand just did their design direct onto the top. First in pencil then in their chosen Marker.

My Personal Favourites are the Pilot PINTOR markers. They are easier to draw on fabric with and can also be used on other media.

However, for these T-shirts we just used the cheapest fabric Markers we could find on Amazon.

End Results Awesome Christmas T-shirts!

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