How I turned mums bargain 19p 1 litre whipping cream into 5 sticks of butter instead of Eton mess! Although I was too busy texting my bestie while mum and nana went through the bargain section at Morrison’s. One of the bargains that caught my attention when unpacking was a 1 litre bottle of whipping cream for 19p.

Unfortunately, it was not was for Eton mess instead we made 5 sticks of butter. However, I would have still preferred to make Eton mess!

Turning 19p of whipping cream into butter


  • 1 litre of whipping cream
  • 1/2tspoon salt (if wanted)


  • Stand mixer (not needed but makes it easier to mix)
  • Empty bottle (For butter milk)
  • A funnel
  • Wisk (if your doing it by hand)
  • Clean T towel


  1. Put whipping cream in a large bowl
  2. Add salt (If you want salt)
  3. Wisk until solid (If you are using a stand mixer it takes about 10 mins)
Me adding salt to our cream as our Kenwood chef whisked it to butter.
I added the salt while our Kenwood mixed it.

4. Separating butter milk

If using a Kenwood or other mixer the butter will be caught on the whisk. Carefully remove the whisk and put it on a plate.

Using a clean spare bowl, cover and fasten your T towel lightly over the top and pour the buttermilk out of mixing bowl and into your prepared bowl. your T towel will catch any butter left in the mixing bowl. (depending on quantity you may have to squeeze butter in batches)

Place butter back into mixing bowl. Take whisk and carefully remove the trapped butter and also place in the mixing bowl.

Now take a handful of butter at a time place it into your T towel and over the bowl of butter milk squeeze the butter to remove all excess buttermilk.

Using a clean T towel I squeezed out the butter milk from the butter.

5. Shape your butter

Once you have removed all the buttermilk from your butter it is time to shape your butter, Emily also added her initials and the date made into ours and then we wrapped each into greaseproof paper and put the into a pot and into the freezer.

Emily shaping the butter and then marking with her initials and date

6. Put your buttermilk into a container until needed

Last stage is to move your buttermilk into something suitable for storing, we used one of our empty milk bottles.

Emily Decanting our buttermilk into one of our glass milk bottles.

We made 30+ scones from one stick of butter and all the buttermilk! they were delicious and soon devoured! For the scone recipe check here. As ever you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. For more of Emily’s entries here.