This post is all about Emily’s Stranger things Tech build. So while looking for inspiration to introduce coding and electronics to her in a fun way.

We came across a stranger things inspired Alphabet lights project. The project we found was very simple but it really got the cogs turning.

So we have a plan to so our own version. However, we fully intend to use the project to increase Emily’s coding abilities and introduce her to combining technologies. so have decided upon three different stages to her desired end goal.

I will add the Stages here as we complete each stage.

Emily’s Stranger Things Tech build

Stage one:

So first thing we needed to do was decide upon the different equipment we need for Emily’s Stranger Things tech build. In the original tutorial we found done by Toms Hardware he had supplied a list of things he used which was a fab starting point. However, upon discussing the project we decided to take the project further.
The biggest different a used a Raspberry PI 4 or 3. We however are going to use Emily’s Raspberry PI Zero.

Raspberry PI choice to one side there is other things needed too. Here is our first Shopping list.

We have all the cables and tools needed other than those listed. We have also brought 2 other extra items. Duncan also already had a range of other items needed for our full plans. This stash included a Raspberry Pi Pico W Aboard! The full plans shall be revealed as we get each stage.

This first stage we are just simply following Tom’s Hardware’s brilliant guide. I will not be adding those steps in this section as you can follow them on his post linked above.

However, we have grander plans for Emily’s lights. For this we will need to learn to write our own code. So We have started Emily with the Raspberry PI Pico complete with the Explorer base. We will be using that to help her learn coding for this project. To read along her progress and what we use for that here.

To follow her progress you can find all coding and electronic posts here. As ever we can also be found on both Facebook and Instagram.