In this post you will find a selection of certificated awards and courses you can complete at home. Each is Completable from anywhere across the UK via the internet.

While not all of these certifications come with accredited recognition. Nonetheless, those that don’t are still worth doing.

Please note some colleges will NOT actually give any weight to UCAS accredited courses, Wiltshire Council sites in particular will turn a blind eye. But some colleges do.

Certificated awards to complete at home with UCAS Points

iDEA Awards –

Digital enterprise award scheme that can be completed online. 

I Won’t lie we haven’t used or looked into this one too much. This is because all the moving components on the websites pages made me feel sick. However I will explore further.

However, within the 3 stages of Bronze, Silver and Gold. The student needs to complete different tasks within 4 categories.

The categories are:

  •  citizen,
  • worker,
  • maker
  • entrepreneur

These awards are recognised and have accredited UCAS points. For a young person considering Uni they are well worth getting.

The younger child design of the moving space like images is confusing considering the UCAS points. My first response was it was too young for my Emily. However being told of the UCAS points I took a second look.

We are yet to try to know if the work level matches the design of the site or not.

Crest Awards –

Science awards you can complete from home, Also are priced so most home educators could afford them.

These look amazing and again formed using a Bronze, Silver and Gold awarding levels. Each level can be done on a wide range of different topics.

The website has a fantastic set of resources to help you complete each stage. For instance, a breakdown of what is expected for each award. It is reasonably priced making it an affordable option to all.

In conclusion these awards are so well laid out it is possible that a child could do this independently.

Alternatively, if like mine your child isn’t able to complete independently. The way the provide the information is laid out. A parent could easily understand the expectations required to guide their child through them.

Certificated awards to complete at home without accreditations.

RHS Gardening Awards

Horticulture based awards you can complete at home for free . Each award completed comes with free gifts too!!

Thes RHS Gardening Awards are laid out in 5 different numbered awards. These Awards are easy to follow and most older children would be able to do them independently.

Each stage can be done completely independently as smaller projects. Or they can be used to create one large project throughout the 5 levels.

Emily has been working through these and has already gained her levels 1 & 2. We opted for one project in the form of our on our grow your own project. This sees us converting our grassed front lawn into a big border with a path through the middle.

We have some smaller projects along side this of making our patio pretty again and growing our own vegetables. You can find her progress on our Facebook or Instagram accounts or our blog posts here.