Tuesday 5th April 2011: We have had a busy day today. The kids woke up and got bathed and dressed, had breakfast as normal.

Tuesday 5th April 2011

We managed to squeeze in an hour of maths and an hour of English before we left for Sif’s.

While Thomas and Jessica were doing their mosaics with Sif’s. I took Emily to the first Tidworth meeting. She played and I had chance to chat a little before we left early to go back to Salisbury. We made it back in plenty of time to pick up tom and jess.

Before heading home for some lunch and to watch a recorded programme about the great wall of China while doing English and maths. Sometimes I have found having educational programmes on helps them work better.

We the watched campervan crisis programme about Nigel Isted converting his 1965 split screen campervan ditsy. She needed to be completely rebuilt and both Thomas and Jessica enjoy it getting to see how all the bits are made. They really enjoy seeing how things look under the cosmetics and seeing all the bits of the engine.

We then did a little cooking by making one of the children’s favourite dinners Alien Brains. AKA Mashed potatoes, Corned beef and Tomato Puree.

Beavers was next and while he was there I Bathed Emily and Jess and got them ready for bed then wrapped up to collect tom.

then girls went to bed and tom showered before I then shipped him off to bed too.

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