We love seeing the Amazing creations the children make with Sif’s in Salisbury.

This Months Amazing creations with Sif’s

The kids have come home with their pottery today. These are the creations they made last month with Sif.

They truly have brought home some amazing creations. This month they have made some fantastic mosaic tiles.

We now just have to wait the weekend to gout them and they will be well away and will look absolutely fantastic.

They have used very┬ásimilar┬ácolours and will look great on the wall. They also fit in nicely with the trip we had to the natural history museum. While we were there the children looked at the one they had on the floor there. We also got to see them repairing a section and the restorers were so nice in coming over to answer the children’s questions. Thankfully I got the feeling the could tell I didn’t know the answers they were after. After all there is only so many times you get away with “how about we look it up in the library tomorrow?”

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