we also had some really good news on his health front too his behaviour has slowly been getting worse and worse since he out grow his last wonder suit(thermatog suit is what it is really called) and I think both myself and duncan had given up on hope that there would be a way to get help with the £350 cost of a new one then I finally have received a letter from Thomas’ occupational therapist with an application form to allow us to apply for help of the cost of his next suit in the next size up which I shall fill out over the weekend. (Thomas has ADHD and being an ADD sufferer who had been on Ritalin with out any real effect of the drug we have decided the risks that are connected to the drug aren’t worth it for the little difference the drugs made to me and others we have spoken to so have gone down the route of a supplement of IQ liquid (Omega oils)or capsules up to 4 times a day but at £10 per bottle or £6 for 30 capsules it isn’t cheap and with help from his therapists special suit (which honestly works wonders and within seconds of him putting it on we call it his wonder suit even, Thomas noticed the difference and would put it on without argument or moaning)had been controlling his ADHD really well.

up to now we have been lucky able to get used ones the hospital have had lying around unused from patients who have outgrown them but unfortunately he has outgrown the last one they have unused and so we would have to pay for one should he want it because the NHS won’t pay for them for ADHD sufferers they would rather just shove a pill down their throats that cause heart disease in the patient when they get into there late 20s and as the suit is nearly £350 their is no way we could afford it but hopefully we will be offered the funding we need for the suit.

If not may have too just do some fund-raising to find the funds needed but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.