Here you will find a collection of the Brown’s favourite books. These books are all our children’s favourite books for younger children. These favourite books were a collection of what they learned to read with and throughout Primary ages.

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Non- Fiction

The illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia (ISBN 1-40542-092-8) RRP don’t really know was a gift and having a hard time to find it online

Evolution – The storey of life (ISBN 978-1-84533-339-3) RRP £30

The Icky,Sticky snot and Blood Book (ISBN 978-0-370-32975-8) RRP £12.99

Every Girls Handbook (ISBN 0-600-58203-5) RRP £5.99

Picturepedia Machines (ISBN 0-7513-6912-8)RRP£7.99

Animal World (ISBN 1-85605-447-0) RRP £3.99

My Big Busy Space Activity Book (ISBN 1-84332-113-0) £8.99

The book of the dead (ISBN-10 : 0140455507)


Mr Gum Series By Andy Stanton:

1st BOOK You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum. (ISBN: 978-1-4052-2310-2) RRP £5.99

2nd BOOK Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire (ISBN 978-1-4052-2815-2) RRP £5.99

3rd BOOK Mr Gum and the Goblins (ISBN: 978-14052-2816-9) RRP £ 5.99

4th BOOK Mr Gum and the Power Crystals (ISBN: 978-14052-2817-6) RRP £5.99

5th BOOK Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear (ISBN: 978-14052-2817-6) RRP £5.99

6th BOOK for Dinner, Mr Gum (ISBN: 978-14052-4824-2) RRP £5.99

7th BOOK Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree (ISBN 978-1-4052-5218-8) RRP £5.99

8th BOOK Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout (ISBN978-1-4052-5327-7) RRP £5.99

Jake Cake books by Michael Broad:

The Football Beast (ISBN978-0-141-32370-1) RRP £4.99

The Werewolf Teacher (ISBN987-0-141-32087-8) RRP £4.99

The Pirate Curse (ISBN987-0-141-32369-5) RRP £4.99

Ronald Dahl Books:

The Witches (ISBN-10 : 0141365471)

The BFG (ISBN-10 : 9780141365428)

Georges Marvellous Medicine (ISBN-10 : 9780141365503)

The Twits (ISBN-10 : 9780141365497)

Matilda (ISBN-10 : 9780141365466)

Narnia collection

7 book set my kids have was mine and cannot find online but this appears to be a newer set ISBN-10 : 0583331378

set includes (in stories chronological order):

Magicians nephew

The lion the witch and the wardrobe

The boy and his horse

Prince Caspian

Voyage of the dawn treader

Silver chair

The last battle

Emily Brown books

We brought them separately but on amazon you seem to be able to buy all 5 together ISBN-13 : 978-9123978427

That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown,
Emily Brown and the Thing,
the Elephant Emergency,
Cheer Up Your Teddy Emily Brown,
Father Christmas

Heidi books

there are actually 3 heidi books (two written by orginal writer Johanna Spyri and last by a fan writer finishing the story)

Heidi – my book has no ISBN but found this ISBN-13 : 979-8648371569

Heidi Grows up – again mine has No ISBN but I have found this one ISBN-10 : 000161102X

Heidi’s Children – as with the other two this one had no ISBN so I found one on amazon ISBN-10 : 0001955810

The magic faraway tree.

There are 6 stories in this set as follows and I found a modern set on amazon ISBN-13 : 978-9766705633

The Magic Faraway Tree
Folk of the Faraway Tree,
The enchanted wood
The Adventures of the Wishing-chair,
The Wishing-chair Again,
More Wishing-chair Stories


Forest Fairies Jigsaw Book by flame tree publishing(ISBN978-1-84786-309-6)

Cinderella  Read with me book and CD (ISBN978-1-4054-5933-4) RRP5.99

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (ISBN0-14-037348-9) RRP £5.99

The Jolly Postman By Janet & Allan Ahlberg (ISBN978-0-670-88624-1)RRP £12.99

Dr Who Annual By BBC (ISBN987-1-40590-494-0) RRP £7.99

Harry and the Wrinklies (ISBN-10 : 0590113496)

The Wind and the Willows (ISBN-13 : 979-8593499936)

Ben 10 Season 1 books

Learning to Read Series/ First Readers

Marks and Spencers First Readers:

  • Sleeping beauty
  • Jack and the Bean stalk
  • Gingerbread Man
  • The Three Billie Goats gruff (ISBN 1-84461213-9)
  • Chicken-Licken (ISBN 1-84461-207-4)