Well so much for Bad luck I would say we had very good luck. We started the day day just like any other with music and dancing breakfast and then we got to work.

Jade continued to finish her floor plan then went on to start her essay on Totum Poles on the laptop.

Jessica Watched Alphablocks on TV as she was still poorly she also watched some of the Muzzy we had borrowed from a friend.

Thomas was in the Kitchen with me measuring all the ingredients for the cakes we had decided to make we made 3 different flavours and 3 different sorts 1st was chocolate chip muffins, then a big Coffee Cake and 12 coffee Muffins then by that time thomas had done 3 sets of mixture with me and I left him to make a plain mixture all by himself while I just watched he weight all the ingredients himself and then mixed it with the electric mixer andĀ separatedĀ it into the muffin cases all by himself and then I put them in the oven to cook.

Jasmine did some more work on geography of the British Isles I wrote her out 10 more questions and then she also spent some time just getting to know her way around the map and finding towns where she knows someone who lives there.

Emily Joined in with a little of everything everyone else was doing.

After Thomas had finished the muffins he sat down and wrote out the first page of what he did and how he did it.

We then sat down and watched Ghost Busters and had one of our cupcakes and then they all went to play.