Stonehenge Home Educators Mixed Activities Day!

Every child did something different today so here is what they did:

JADE-JOY – Scale Drawings Jade measured out every 10 Centimetres on a long piece of string and then used this to measure the front room and all the items in it. She then drew a to scale model using 1:20 scale (with help from a proper scale ruler) to then draw a scale model of the room and furniture (2D) and move all the pieces of furniture around and try them all in different positions and then desided on a floor plan for the room based on her favourite layout.

JASMINE – Geography – Jasmine was given an Altas and was introduces to the British isles and had to answer a lot of questions about our countries, Counties and also using a map of just the south East of England was given questions about the towns county’s and places near where she lives (I don’t agree with teaching children about the rest of the world before they know where they come from 1st something Jasmines mum also believes so was happy for her to concentrate her efforts only on the British Isles)

CORY – English/History – Cory was given a dictionary on Dinosaurs and told to pick 5 dinosaurs to draw and write about he completed one dinosaur but his information was very indepth and his drawing was almost an exact replica of the one in the book so was very pleased and proud of him.

JACK- English/Handwriting Practise- Jack was given a wipe-able handwriting and pen control book to work though and with the help of his daddy made it all the way to the end of the book and earned himself a sticker.

THOMAS – Maths/Handwriting – Thomas was given one of his maths books to do a few pages on but he didn’t get much done as he helped Jade with all her measuring 1st but once group was over and everyone had gone home he sat down and completed 3 pages of his maths book.

JESSICA- Reading – Jessica was poorly on this day so spent most of the day camped in mummy and daddy’s bed sleeping but I left her with a couple of her favourite books her Marks and Spencer’s Gingerbread man and three billy goats gruff.

EMILY – Reading with Mummy- Emily is too young to do much at only 1 and 1/2 but I did find sometime to read to her during group and read her “I like it when”.

Unfortunately we couldn’t do the planned activity of Art on the Field Due to wet weather so it was a last minute decision to let each one of them have a go at something they wanted to do and of course children being children all wanted to do something different so I tried to give each one of them an Activity which evolved what they had asked to do while teaching them something at the same time.