Today we started out as normal got up breakfast washed, dressed and then the children did their dancing around while I cleared up from breakfast and organising for school time then settled down.
The children write out a short poem on the romans in britain then daddy took over as I had a doctors appointment and they did their romulus and remus reading and sticking sentences to make up the twins story and they did a fill in the gaps piece on the same subject.
We then made our lunches and went off to Alderbury group leaving daddy and a sleeping Emily behind.
I sat and played with each of them for a little bit before they went off and played with their friends.
When we came home we finished a few other pieces of work and then the children cleared the table and laid the table for dinner then it was baths and beds. Both worked very well and extremely hard.
This is one bit we did it is a slightly adapted version of the Paulinus Activity from thinking History.