Thursday 23rd June 2011

We went on a group adventure to Legoland today. It wasn’t with a local group it was home educators from all over the south of England all of whom were meeting up for this educational trip.

Educational Classes

It was brilliant, the children learnt about gravity, friction and had to create a racing car including having to work out what makes them faster.

Surprisingly Jessica ended up creating the fastest one in the whole group. She has really been surprising us with her creativity lately it’s amazing watching her bloom.

They also used the Lego Mindstorms bricks and absolutely loved them they are really clever electronic kits. I think we are definitely going to be looking into these when they are available to home settings.

Finally, the Educational section of the day was ended with one of their amazing 4D films and the children absolutely loved it.

Family Time!

Together with Duncan being off work, although today was an educational trip out. Later once the educational classes finished it was all about Family fun!

So then we Tried out loads of the Rides they had there. Thomas and Jessica had a go at “Driving” in their junior driving school.

However we had an amazing time adventuring the park. Jessica even got her face painted!.

Consequently if you would like to know more about Legoland’s Educational centre. you can find the information here. For the Normal Legoland ticket booking, you can find that here.

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