Today we went and did the Netley Marsh Carboot Sale and the children had a mat full of clothes to price up and sell while daddy and I sold the more delicate bit’s the children made £18 in total.
On route home we used the money we earn’t off the boot to by dog food and Rabbit food, some pop corn and then headed home.
Thomas played with his new 3D Star Wars game for a little while with Jessica and then they both went outside to ride their bikes up and down the track while daddy cleared the car and did it’s monthly checks of oil, water, clean windscreen wipers, front and rear windscreens etc and I had q uick tidy up and put dinner on.
We then settled down to pair up the socks and put the washing away while watching a DVD the children had borrowed of Grandpa and then the children went into the bath and played a bit in there before getting ready for bed and going to bed.