Oh what a busy day we had today,
The children completed their work on why did the Romans want to Invade Britain, How Normal Romans dressed, How native Brits Dressed, Introduction of Boudicca the Iceni Queen and their revolt, together I wrote and the children decided on what I wrote a short story of Roman Britain with Every Paragraph Started by the appropriate Letter of ROMAN BRITAIN
This is what they came up with:
Roman’s First Invaded Britain in 55BC but left again and returning 90 years later in 43AD
Over the Next 12 years the Roman’s Fought for control of the South-East of England.
Most of Britain was taken over by the Roman’s come 83AD.
Around 60 AD The Briton’s Led By Queen Boudicca Started their Revolt.
Now Boudicca’s Husband Prasutagus had Died and the Roman’s had Ransacked their Villages
Boudicca Rallied together both her Iceni Tribe and the Trinovantes to start a revolt
Raising up against the Roman’s and Destroyed Colchester, London and St Albans.
Igniting all three city’s in flames until they burnt to the ground.
The Warriors of the Red Haired Queen were defeated in the Midlands.
About 80,000 Briton’s were killed and Boudicca Poisoned herself.
In the years to come Britain was rebuilt, Hadrian’s wall and the Roman Baths are still here today.
Nearing 286AD The Roman’s lost control and Carausius Declared himself Emperor.
They loved doing this piece of work I wrote it out in pencil then Thomas Copied on to word and printed it out. Jessica then Chose a picture from our Roman’s book to draw over it and then we added it to their Project folder.
We then sat and Watched a film and ate dinner and the children read to me before their bathtime.