Other than that we woke up had breakfast bathed the baby and cleaned our teeth came down stairs and the children had a dance and bop about while I hung the washing out and set out there school work.
They worked out of the books today (poundland English and Maths ones and Thomas also did his Handwriting Occupational Therapy Book) until it was time to count out the last of the pennies from the boot to go and get a Picnic to take to group. the children counted out their money and worked out there was £15 pounds (but they had trouble with the 5ps because I had already counted it and knew there was £17) so we went to Tesco and they decided between them how was best to spend the money and they brought:(prices are only rough)
2 Baguettes (70p each)
1 Big bag of Bacon Rasher Crisps (85p)
1 Big Pack of Ham (£3)
1 Block of Bire (£1)
1 Bag of ready prepared salad (£1)
1 large pot of Coleslaw (£1.09 reduced price)
2  4 Packs of Rice Crsipy Squares (£1.50 buy one get one free)
2 Can’s of Energy Drink (Mummy picked these up for her) (2 for £2)
= £10.75
this left them £1.80 to spend (£5 group money and a random 55p from my purse) so they brought a sweetie each and one for mummy
Thomas did most of the working out today as Jessica was the one making up the menu they had picked up a bunch of bananas from home as well as some Apples and Thomas Just told her if we had enough or not all in all that petite little shopping list must have taken at least an hour to choose pick and then cost down to the amount of money they had to spend.
Emily and I had very little to do with it really apart from the odd item they thought was cheaper than it was because thomas had missed the decimal in the number IE £10 seen as £1 bless them.
Then we went on to Alderbury group where the children got out plates knives and spoons ready for mummy to make lunch they did so well they fed the whole of group and still had some left for a picnic tomorrow if it is nice.they then went off the play and I spent a bit of time chatting and get to baby sit baby Eva for a little while, While her mummy was being shown how to do a fancy knitting pattern and I sat down with 6 month old baby Eva and Emily and we played with the baby toys for a little while then it was time to go so we came home dropping pass their cousin LIVVY to give her the birthday cards they had mad her and we put a few pennies in the card for her got some petrol and headed home.
Once home Thomas poo picked the garden and started to bring in the washing while Jessica and mummy peeled the poatoes ready for dinner, after that it is all pretty much down to the normal bath and bedtime routine, book Bath and bed.