Today was the children’s  Messy day so we got up had breakfast and put some music on and they had their dance around.
Then we set up painting in the garden Emily did finger painting and sponge painting while she did that with mummy the children rounded up all sorts of bits and bobs from around the house and garden to see what sort of shapes and and patterns they would make and also what colours they could make and also did experiments with paint, glue and washing up liquid they made painty Bubbles and Sparkly glue paint, they then used that to paint different materials and found that it peeled of plastic and glass but stayed on the piece of wood they found in the garden.
This afternoon we are starting our science Project of liquid, solids and Gas. They are starting with turning liquids to solids using Melted Chocolate, Chocolate Spread, Juice, Water and Milk and we are using room temperature, Fridge and Freezer to see what happens to each one in the different places.
then tomorrow will be viewing the results and then hopefully introducing graphs.