Below is the list of the books I find useful when planning things for my children and I apologise in advance but alot of them are very old I tend to prefer the older teaching styles and find them easier to adapt or follow for my children so ISBN numbers may be out of date due to new copies or they could be out of print now but who knows you may find them at your local carboot (which may I add is where most of my extensive collection has come from well there and my mother in laws loft!)
Spellings and Handwriting:
The Essential Spelling List (ISBN 0-333-27567-5) RRP 95p
The Puffin Book of Handwriting (ISBN 0-14-03-1273-0) RRP £1.75
Spelling it out (ISBN 0-563-21437-6) RRP £4.99
The Usborne Book of English Spelling (ISBN 0-86020-699-8) RRP £1.50
English and Grammar:
The Usborne Book of English Grammar (ISBN 0-86020-703-x)RRP £1.95
The Usborne Book of English Punctuation (ISBN 0-86020-701-3) RRP £1.95
Maths and Numbers:
Number Puzzles (ISBN 0-86020-435-9) RRP £1
Brain Puzzles (ISBN0-86020-437-5)RRP £1
Weighing & Measuring  (ISBN 0-86020-921-0) RRP £1.75
The Usborne First book of the Recorder (ISBN 0-7460-0069-3) RRP £3.95
Absolute Beginners Keyboard (ISBN 0-7119-7430-6) RRP