Oh my it is now monday and this has been my first chance to catch up with the blog (sorry).
This day went completely to pot we woke up late had breakfast on the run to cooking at waitrose then I took Emily to my Doctors appointment which over ran by 30minutes so had to get my mum to pick the children up from cooking (which thankfully also overran) then I got home at 12 oclock to realise the man coming to clean the carpets was coming at half past so fantically went around making beds hoovering all the floors and moving any furniture I could move off the floor off the floor then mum came back got kids lunch and packed them off out side in the garden with it just as carpet man showed up then after lunch had to get out all their art things to finish their HE ART Chairs ready to be taken to the show Saturday afternoon packed Car with all the things for the Carboot and then when carpet man left at 5pm quickly threw together some dinner and bathed and beded the children put furniture back put Chairs in the car made pack lunch for the family Picnic on the forest for my nieces birthday the next day and packed a bag ready for staying at my dads the next night.
By time I finally Collapsed into bed at 10.30 pm I was asleep withing seconds lol.
So wasn’t a very work productive day lots of making up to do come Thursday as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week are going to be very busy too.