We woke up and got into the car ready to pop to the shops for some last minute things before heading off to Stoney Cross for my beautiful nieces 14th Birthday get together.
We then went to dad’s (my dad kids Grumpa) on the way we popped in at the Dragonfly in Totton which was where the children’s art was going to be on display that evening, went up to dad’s and dropped our cool bag of food into his fridge (I always just take over lol) and the kids had a bit of a play before we had a tidy up and got the spare beds out and prepared our beds for that evening laid out the childrens PJs and clothes for Sunday morning and then we went to the show.
it was great will upload some photos as soon as I can find the lead for my phone (I swear it’s the one my darling hubby is using to charge his headset at work!). Ok as Promised the Pictures of My Phone Just waiting for the Pictures of Duncan’s Phone now (as because of missing lead above I can’t Charge my phone while on the go there fore it dies) Will add as soon as he takes said pictures off his phone and onto his Computer.
We then went and dropped the dog to my lovely cousin who looked after her for us for the night as dogs aren’t allowed in my dads block of flats over night (daytime visits are ok just not overnight).
and got home bathed and beded the children and crashed ourselves.