Ok well today was slightly better than yesterday We woke up and did the normal morning routine (only problem was we had all slept in so it was 2 hours late!!) so 9 am its raining so instead of walking charmy we did some extra dancing, the children then sat down and did their Spellings from the day before and they typed up the muffin Recipe on the laptop.
We sat and read the last 2 chapters of the twits and spoke about what they liked and disliked about the book (the like column getting more attention than the dislike one).
We then packed up had a quick tidy up and got into the car for the children’s Sports tester at Downton Leisure Center. they loved this and got to play a few different games and loved it.
Then as a treat we went to KFC and let them get a bit of dinner and they decided what they wanted based on the £3 I gave them each (thomas’ so sweetly helped Jess work hers out) and went home ate it then we did the Baths and bed not really much else to say they still didn’t get in their full school time most probably won’t tomorrow what with Granny and Nana and Grandad coming to help unload the stuff coming back from our French house so all in all I think it has been a bit of a truely odd week yes we can have very busy weeks from time to time but they normally miss out on my work to do an educational event not because of lack of organization so saturday I am doing this weeks Rota!!!! before anything else this week the Rota is being done :0)