The Romans

In short, this year have been covering the Romans and Roman Britain. As a result of the children’s enthusiasm for this particular time, we decided to make this is our first big project year-long project. Subsequently, over the year we looked deep into what Roman Britain was like.

They have had an amazing time looking into this subject and we were very lucky to find plenty of trips to help bring the subject to life. As a rule, we like to bring all the projects they do to live and hands-on as much as possible. Particularly their big projects which last over a period of time this being the longest to date lasting a year. This was our first big project purely because of all the activities I found on it.

When we started on this project I knew very little on the Roman’s myself. All I was taught at school was the world wars which I found incredibly boring.

Therefore throughout this project, we learned so much about the Importance of the Roman’s Coming to Britain. In Conclusion, we came to understand it is actually one of the most important time periods of Britain’s history. Furthermore, this really encouraged an interest in history for all the family.

To summarise all the following came with the Romans:

  • Central heating
  • Baths
  • Roads
  • Housing
  • Cement
  • Social care and welfare
  • Newspapers/press
  • Aqueducts

Our Project started this back in January we finished just before the New Year.

Roman-inspired Trips we’ve Taken

  • Roman Baths
  • Ancient Technology Center
  • Roman Gladiator day in London
  • Stonehenge (to learn a little about pre-Roman Britain)
  • Salisbury Museum

Roman activities to do at home.

Make your own Timeline:

As an example my 3 each did a timeline. To begin with we took 3 A4 pieces of paper and stuck together in a landscape orientation.

Next, we drew a line down the middle all across the 2/3 pieces of paper. Afterwards, we added their Birthdate one end and the year 2011 at the other end. So then we marked the middle and put the appropriate year. For instance, Thomas was born in 2003 was 9 in 2011 so the middle was marked with 2008. In between, we marked the other years.

I had arranged some pictures for them to choose from. They picked the ones they liked and then accordingly got them to stick them their timelines.

Make your own Clay pots:

How about making your own clay pots using air drying clay?
However, before this activity, I suggest you take some time to look at the different pots Romans used. Furthermore, a little research into the things they used to decorate their pots as well.
We were surprised at what items they used to decorate the pots and I am sure many girls and boys will be interested in some of the Gorey things they used mine certainly was!

Fun making our own clay bowls

Making your own Toga or Stola

For Instance, we had some old material from our shop in France which was perfect for the job. However, any old material length would do for example old sheets.

next with we looked into the different clothes they wore in the Roman period. The toga was used for men and Stola was the traditional women dress. So while we were finding out about what the Roman’s wore and ate. We decided to have a full Roman banquet.

We made a Toga for Thomas and a stola for Jessica.

Afterwards, we made a Roman tea Party. Although instead of roasted rat we went with a few snacks instead.

Useful links:

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Roman Tombstone – Fun Piece to do and in keeping with the Roman theme.

Make a Bulla – An other fun themed activity from the BBC.

Play a Roman Game – make yourself some dice and play as a roman would have. (BBC)

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