Today I only had Thomas as Jessica decided to stay at Grandad’s after the boot on Sunday. So we got up and Had breakfast, took the dog for a walk around the block, We then did our normal Dancing around to burn off any excess Energy.


Thomas then sat down and did a little bit of reading, then he did some book work. As he was so good I decided to let him watch a couple of of his horrible Histories I had Recorded from CBBC.


Thomas then got to work making some very tasty Muffins for tea.



8oz  Self Raising Flour

80z Castor Sugar

8oz Cooking Margarine (or softened unsalted butter)

4 Eggs

Vanilla Extract or Flouring to taste

Chocolate Chips ( Milk and White Chocolate)

Put all the Ingredients (expect Chocolate chips) into a bowl and mix with electric Mixer until completely Mixed then add Chocolate chips to the mixture by gently folding it In.

Add into Muffin Cases and put in oven.

Cook in a medium heat oven for 20-30 minute (I check them when I can start to smell them cooking, to check place knife into one cake and if mixture is present after you pull it out they aren’t done)