Today we had a Roman-inspired tea party for 4. We started that day as normal. For school work, we started looking up the Roman Baths and Learning about Bath.

Afterwards, we went on to look into some of the lovely things the Romans Ate. Although they also ate some meals that wouldn’t be abnormal in the modern world. They also ate some grotesque things such as Roasted Mice. We decided we would get a few modern Party Nibbles for our party. After a quick pop to the shop, they had a few of their favourite treats.

Roman-inspired clothes

What Roman tea party wouldn’t be complete without some Roman-inspired clothes.

Subsequently, we found out that Men wore Togas while women wore Stolas. Babies Emily’s age would have worn a tunic which would have been belted at the waist.

As a result from their investigations we set about making

  • Toga – Thomas
  • Stola – Jessica
  • Tunic – Emily

Thomas and Jessica loved their creations and were very happy to be snapped in them. Emily on the other hand was in a tunic for a whole 2 seconds before she ran out of it! I didn’t even manage to get the belt on before she had run off and got out of it lol.

If you have enjoyed reading about what we got up to today. You can find more about our Roman Project here.