Today was a very busy day we did our normal morning business of breakfast dog walking and dancing then we Made daddy’s Dinner for that evening and the family’s dinner for Wednesday so We Made Cheesy Pasta for Daddy and a Ham and Cheese ┬ápasta Bake. Thomas┬áthen went on to make a birthday cake ready for his cousin’s Birthday tea Party. Thomas did a fantastic job bar the putting in and taking out of the oven and the Icing writing he did everything make the cake mixture and greesed and prepared the cake tins, made up the butter icing and put the plain icing on the cake he did really well I am so proud of him.

We then packed our bags and got in the car to meet Granpa’s and Jessica at a pub for some lunch before then going on back to my Dad’s flat to give him a hand with his housework.

We then prepared the small Birthday tea and the children played for a bit before it was time for bed.