Today was a very special day and We had a big Family outing to Bath to see the Roman Baths.

So we got up Daddy had gone to work as normal and Duncan’s mum and dad were here to help out getting ready then My mum came and helped get the children into the Car and we set off to pick Duncan up from his work and then go on to Bath.


As with everything in Life we had a small hiccup on the way in the shape of a tire change  when we got to Duncan’s work but thankfully it wasn’t major and didn’t blow out or anything just noticed 2 big buldges on the inside of one of the rear tires so decided it was better to change it than risk it blowing out on us.


So we got going and got to the Bath Park and Ride and loaded everything on to the push chair and got onto the bus.


We then went straight to the Roman Baths, The kids had a great time there and loved the Audio Tour and the Sticker trail which they completed as well as the printed off work I downloaded from the Roman Baths Website. there is lots of things on there to do before during and after your trip.

The Scared Springs (Please let me know if you think I have got these muddled because it was very busy and we seemed to move through quicker than I would have liked)

This is just a little bridge over the main bath feed but when Emily got to it she was so unsure about crossing over on it (very cute and funny)

This was once part of the roof Spine

These stacks of tiles are in lines used to hold a sort of suspended floor.

All the sparkly coins people throw into the pool making their wishes and dreams, hoping they will come true.

This would have been the Enterance of the Baths.

A Wealthy Roman Lady with her vast collection of Make up and her hair Extensions ( Even thousands of years ago we were plaiting in fake hair)

The Main Roman Bath




The Orangy colouring is from all of the minerals found in the spring Water


This is a part that shows you how it is thought the Romans Built the Buildings


This is the Children playing with one of the interactive display having a go to lift big blocks the same way the romans did to build the wonderful Baths


This is the overflow.

This is on the wall but it is the rings on the wall that made the children laughed they thought it was for the Roman Dogs and Horses (Who knows they could be right hey lol)

The Main Bath.

This is one of my favorite photo’s