Today Tuesday 13th September 2011 Roman adventures awaited the children at the Ancient Technology Center. They absolutely loved it and the weather was ok for it as well.

Emily and her little friend Em’s youngest boy

Roman Adventures awaited them

The Day started there at about 10am. I ran through a register to make sure everyone was there.

It had started to rain a little at this point so we went from the Viking long barn to the round house. The children all sat around the fire pit. Luke then explained and showed them all how to light a fire the Roman way. He also told us a bit about what we were going to be doing.

This image shows Thomas and Jessica sat down listening to the member of staff explaining how they would start a fire in the roman times.

We then went and met the chickens and pigs before splitting into 3 groups. Jessica, Emily and I went with the under 7s to do some willow weaving.

Duncan went with Thomas and one group of the over 7s and then all the other parents.were split between the 3 Groups to help.

Roman Adventures Willow weaving!

Jess did willow weaving first. Emily came with us and played with her little friend from group. As a fellow mum Em and I were both spilt between toddles and an under 7 she volunteered to take Emily with her lad to the little ones activities in the round house while I stayed with Jess and her elder boy. (I am rubbish with names!). It worked really well and Jessica wove herself a lovely little willow tray.

This photo shows Jessica doing the willow weaving and shows a little of the technique she was taught.
Jessica hard at work with her willow weaving
This image shows what the willow weaving looks like after she had added 3 willow sticks to it
Jessica and Ems Lad checking to make sure their weaves are level before adding the next willow stick.

So while we were doing the weaving. Thomas and Duncan’s group were doing Cob walling.

Roman Adventures Cob Walling!

We met up again with Duncan and Thomas just in time for the Cob walling digging. They had to dig for the chalk. Then had to carry the chalk to mix it with water and straw in a hole in the ground. By time we finished the willow weaving we went out to join in with the Cob walling just as Thomas and Duncan were going in to do the blacksmithing so Jessica was allowed to join in too. I kept Emily out of mischief and in the round house colouring.

This image show the cob wall they were making with the chalk, water and straw
Thomas and Jessica Cob walling.

Even Roman’s have to eat!

Back to the round house for lunch! While eating the shown a Roman sword and a Viking sword. The children all gave their observations in the difference between them. Luke went on to tell them why the two looked so different. He explained that a Roman sword was for stabbing, while a Viking one was for slashing. Vikings liked to conflict as much damage as possible with their swords.

Then they had some free time to explore the center before we then all became one group again for the Roman road making.

This photo shows types of tools which would have been commonly used by the poor slaves who dug and laid the miles of Roman roads.
This picture shows the tools commonly used by the slaves who would have built thousands of miles of roman Roads we have roads still used today which were built by romans with tools like this!

Roman Road Adventures! not for the faint hearted!

Now they had regained their energy with lunch. They had to dig the new bit of road out and sieve the soil for the stones to be used the road.

Digging out the hole

They placed the stones for a layer and compacted them down using wooden poles with a big lump of wood on the end. Next they added a layer of sand and chalk, compacted it down again. This process was repeated until it was concaved just above the ground level. They all took turns doing each step. Some children were mining the chalk. Others did the compacting, while more dug, and the remainder were all busy sieving the dug out dirt. They worked amazingly well together and absolutely loved it.

Laying down the stones.

Some where also making reed jewellery while this was all going on so out of the 30+children not one was bored or left un entertained the whole day the staff where fantastic.

Sieving, digging and Compacting going on in this picture!

After the children had done their metre of Roman road. They weren’t quite tired so while us adults gathered up our stuff, The staff set about ensuring there wasn’t a Roman left who wasn’t ready for dinner and bed by entertaining them further by showing them the Roman Water wheel. Obviously ensuring they all gave it a big long turn to refill the water they had used today.


If you would like to have a Roman or Viking Adventure yourself you can find the ATC’s Information here. If you do make it don’t forget to check out their bit of road (the section to the left as you come out of the blacksmiths!) For more of our Fun Roman Adventures check here.