Ok so what have I missed it seems ages since I have found the time to sit down and update my Blog (well actually it has been around a month so in the blogging world I suppose that is like forever)

So I last updated on my darling little girls 2nd Birthday which was the 14th December 2011 and its now 2012!

Wednesday 14th December 2011:
The older two went to see the nutcracker on that day with their nana and My son’s god mothers mum (they know her as Auntie Branda) the loved it after Thomas spending a week telling me how little he was going to enjoy it he came back and didn’t stop talking about it for a week they loved every minute they went up in the morning and walked to see the palace and went to look at the christmas lights before the show and brought a toy each from a big toy shop (still not sure which one but according to thomas it is the biggest one in the whole wide world they just can’t make them bigger than this one he might be in for a shock should we ever make it to america lol) and they got to see the changing of the guards as well as thomas dragging my poor mother in law to see Boudicca’s statue and the london Eye.

Wednesday 21st December 2011:

Sixpenny Handley group and the Children had a cinema Special and after a bit of Glass painting the room was transformed into a a pivate cinema they sat down with their party food and watched Merry Madagascar and we got to meet Charitee for the first time after her birth on Emily’s birthday. they had a raffle and a piƱata full of sweets and Disco all in all they really enjoyed themselves.


Friday 23rd December 2011:

This is a special day for our family as this is not only my mums birthday but also one of my nieces so we went to my mums, where we had a bit of a family party they got to see all their cousins and played and compared their lists for santa and played Rummikins when we got home they then finished their work on the Christmas story and the different ways people celebrate christmas, going over yule and winter Solstice, Hanukkah etc (all of their work for the whole of december was based on this) and then they helped plan and pack our bags and the car ready to leave and go up to mother in laws for the christmas period.

Saturday 24th December 2011:

this is where I really do seem like a really rotten mother Am while Duncan, Emily and I went last minute Christmas shopping the Thomas and Jessica stayed at home with Nana (mother in law in her home) and did some writing work and maths lol they were writing their predictions to how they thought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two would end lol yes I made my children do school work on Christmas eve horrible mother lol but they loved it they also read some of their favourite books to Nana and their maths consisted of helping Grandad work out how many vegetables to cook and weighing and measuring the ingredients for the pinapple upside down cake Nana was making for pudding that night. when we got back the children gathered up Jo and Chris’ Christmas presents and we got into the car leaving Emily with nana and headed to Auntie Brenda and Uncle Colins house to have lunch before settling down to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 with Auntie Jo and Uncle Chris (they had managed to pick them up Chocolate frogs and Berty Boots every flavour beans for them from their trip to America and quiet a lot of the film was spent with the odd eww and err as they found an earwax or boggy flavoured bean!)

Sunday 25th December 2011:

Well no surprise that most of the morning was spent opening presents and stuffing themselves with chocolate followed by christmas dinner with nana, Grandad and uncle Andrew then the afternoon spent playing with toys and reading new books and plating games (normal christmas really with the exception of the fact that there was no playstation or Wii lol)

Monday 26th December 2011:

we spent most of the morning trying to squeeze everything into the car before heading back home after dropping in on my Nan and dad in southampton it seemed we spent most of the day getting home after visits on route home but we did finally made it and no sooner did we get in the kids we unpacking their toys and dragging them up to their rooms to show to their old toys and compare and playing away eventually coming down for some tea and asking to play on the PS3 with their new games.

Tuesday 27th December – Thursday 29th December 2011:

These days were spent just chilling out and slowly taking christmas decorations down tidying up the mess such a process seems to create and moving things from one place to another trying to find homes for all the new toys (which in the end lead to us going to basingstoke on the friday) the children spent the time playing with their new games painting and making thank you letters and generally doing what they wanted to do.

Friday 3oth December 2011:

We headed to Basingstoke on this day to collect hubbys new mouse for his computer as well as getting new remotes for both PS3 and Wii and a new docking station for the Wii (generally making the most of the sales and spending christmas money on the sort of things we want but dont need) I proved to the world how sad I truely am when I got all excited and brought a set of really nice brooms and new fangled cleaning stuff that I normally wouldn’t waste money buying (you know the gadgets and fancy cleaners that you don’t really need but has pretty packaging so have to have or maybe you dont and I am the only odd person out there who loves a trip to robert Dyas when you can buy what you want rather than a list of the things you need ha ha) on route home we popped into Andover and went to ASDA for a big shop and a few more things (this time that we needed but are normally on the bottom of the to buy list) and managed to pick up storage boxes for Alderbury as well as Thomas and Jessica and a really handy Storage draws for Thomas’ room

Saturday 31st December 2011:

We had a chill day Daddy and Thomas did some of the kits he got for Christmas made up his lego car and did his Ben 1o Shaker Maker and his plaster of paris Car tops while jessica and I decided on some recipes to make for our New years party and then went out and brought the few bits we were short Emily went for a nap (knowing she was going to be having a late night) we then came back and daddy and thomas made cookies while Jessica and I made some sausage rolls, Crunchy Cakes and popping candy cakes, mince pies, Pizzas, Chips and a few other bits and pieces. we then laid the coffee table with all the goodies and put on Harry potter we watched films 1 and 2 before putting on the TV for the count down we got our sofa quilts out and played a little bit of harry potter for the PS3 and then we all climbed the wooden stairs to bed.


Sunday 1st January 2012:

We slept most of this day after all staying up to see in the new year we got up about 9-10 am and pulled the sofa quilts back out and watched Harry potter 3 and 4 playing a level of the game in between films and then took the dog for a walk and kids went out on their bikes over to the field accross the road had a big run around before heading home for nice hot baths and showers and getting changed and ready for bed we all had an early night so a real lazy day.

Monday 2nd January 2012:

We got up normal time and did our normal morning routine before piling in the car and heading to my mums for lunch there the kids told her all about their Christmas presents and really just to spend some time with her we then went home after having a wonder around some shops to see what the sales had to offer and went home to bed.

Friday 6th January 2012:

today we went to see poppy and River where the children went and played for hours while I had a natter with Jem and Roxy about home education and different websites we use etc.

Monday 9th January 2012:

Alderbury meeting we spent the morning preparing for Alderbury and loading the car with toys and the children’s bikes. Alderbury was only a social meeting so we had birthday cake for the up coming birthdays and Jessica had made some cookies in the morning not just for the birthday girls and boys but for the children to decorate with coloured Icing Sugar. so the older children were happy playing around with the origami Airoplanes and the middle aged children were outside playing with their bikes and the younger ones did the cookie decorating it went really well.

Tuesday 10th January 2012:

Today Thomas Had his cooking lesson he made a couple of nice dishes will post picture when I can but for the first time ever we didn’t get recipe sheet so dont actually know what they cooked as JEss didnt get a sheet either I am hoping someone will have them so I can update it later.


Friday 13th January 2012:

Today Jessica had cooking at waitrose and we met a new to the area Home ed mum Jenny Jessica made a lovely puff pastry pizza sort of thing that was soo nice I really am abit annoyed about not having a recipe sheet ha ha


Tuesday 17th January 2012:

Today the children had Mosaic Tiling in Sif’s Studio Jessica did a Boat mirror and Thomas did a love Heart for his Auntie Jo I will post pictures once I get my Photos Uploaded.

So there we are pretty much up todate it is getting late and I will be heading to bed in a minute I will update this later with the academic stuff that we have been working on since Christmas (Mainly Were going on a bear hunt and onomatopoeia words)