Wednesday 18th January 2012

Today we learned all about onomatopoeia by making stories. It wasn’t a normal day in the slightest. After getting up and dressed we jumped in the car and headed to my Dad’s place.

They did their work at dads. In this case, my dad helped by making as many silly sounds as possible for them. Most of which got added to their stories!

Their Brief was to write a story, This story had to include as many onomatopoeiae as possible!.

Therefore Jessica did her story on her favourite my little pony characters describing the sounds the hooves made while they walk through a maze with lots of different flooring. She included lots of different materials from wooden, glass, marble and natural settings like forests.

Thomas did his on a surprise birthday party for Ben 10. He also included batman, spiderman and the X-men. Ben 10’s party was held in the X-men’s manor. He described lots of noises that come about as Ben 10 changes and practices fighting against the other party guests.

They had great fun coming up with ideas for their stories. From who would be in it, where it would be located. Jessica even ended her story by sending the ponies to Legoland via a Taxi.

They did really well choosing which onomatopoeia they wanted to use. They matched the sounds so well with what was going on.

We will be continuing this work on Tuesday before moving onto rhyming words.

We Lost the pictures from this day all except this picture Jessica took on my phone during the drive to my dads

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