Ok so we are due to start our first real project of the year and it is space.

So we have chosen our heading ALL ABOUT SPACE and the children have decided how to do it this time they went for Microsoft word and printed each letter as big as they could and it still fit on a piece of A4, chose their font and then printed and coloured it in and cut them out then we looked through all the books the children had pulled out before we started the title and looked at all the information about space in them got over Thomas seeming to find the world atlas being out being funny (that’s not about space that’s about other peoples homes lol) ad then did a Google search for an image they want to copy with all 9 planets on I am doing this off my phone but when I get on to laptop I will paste The link to the one they chose.


Thomas Decided he want to copy out our chosen picture of the universe and did he own copy.


We then had lunch and got togged up to walk to Tesco (well Tom and Jess took their bikes) which was an opportunity to cover the safe crossing of roads and by time we got home they were crossing alone safely and Thomas even pointed out when he sow an adult riding his bike turning into the road we were on that he failed to signal for the car behind him (which was just before he suddenly swung into middle of the road without warning was over taking him! So they talked about that all the way to a friends and spoke about how what he did was dangerous etc)


Ok so got back home to fire alarm going off and me being me unlocks door tells the children to stay outside checks the whole house (no fire I knew there wouldn’t be as fire alarm had been making noises all day and no sign of smoke) and took battery out of alarm once we knew all was safe and set the table for painting our sun.

We only got the sun painted we then cleared up and made dinner which Jess helped with the pasta bake.


Thomas and Emily did their own pictures one for ┬áThomas’ god mother Jo and Emily did lots of lovely pictures for mummys wall.


Then kids went to bed.