Well it has started our eldest has his own mobile phone it’s my mums old one and only makes calls and sends text messages but a phone none the least.

We are hoping to encourage his spelling with it he can send text messages to his nanna and granny, grandad cousins uncles and aunts with it and hes pleased as punch.

He’s growing up too fast they all are every day bit by not the grow and change and to think if they were at school I would be missing all the wonderful changes in them!

I love home Schooling as much today as I did that first day they were home it’s hard work but it is worth it.

Everyday they do something that makes me soo proud of them Emily using the toilet by herself yesterday or Jess helping daddy deliver parcels sat morning Thomas tidying downstairs while I did the ironing with out being asked I am so proud of each one of them and as Thomas starts making that transition from little boy to big boy you can really start to see the man one day he will be its a strange feeling of satisfaction and dread lol.