Well got the car back today but not for long as after a long hard and trying day I went to the shop to get a few bits and pieces and then lost the car key when I got home we looked everywhere for the key but no sign.


we got up at the normal time today and then waited for the car to be delivered back we then had some lunch and went to my Doctors appointment to be given a prescription which when I took it into the Pharmacy Wiped out my food money for the week at the cost of £38 after £250 on the car I was left feeling very deflated so imagine my disbelief that duncans £100 per year raise last year would cost us over £300 a year in benefits and then an other £120 per year in prescription costs :0( I knew it wouldnt be cheap which is why I gave up taking alot of my allergy medication when our renewal card didnt turn up and havent been to the doctors for about 10 months despite my problems with insomnia and Problematic blood test results so much for everyone in the country in titled to free health!


Can’t help sometimes but to wonder what the tax they take each month is really for as to be honest he earns so little we get most of it back in child tax so why not just let us keep his wage? anyway this day was one of them through and through the children went for their daily walk and I spent the day doing what I could to put the house to right ready for the landlord inspection while being in between trying to get a bit of legal advise about what rights we have. Kids sat and did a little reading and writing and added up our shopping later in the day but that was basically it.