Ok so it would appear this year isnt going to be a good one!


As you may have guessed because of the big gaps in posting I have been very displaced lately and nothing has gone to plan in the space of two months I have broken down 4 times been without a car for a total of 2 weeks, I have had my phone stolen off me, All three children and myself have been poorly, I have had my asthma messed about with in the ever hopeful chance of being able to control it since Becatide and Ventalin being replaced it hasnt been controlled for 10 years and I was in the whole new year time to get things sorted yeah not going so good lol.


So what to do from here I am not sure I have been going through a bit of a roller coaster emotionally at the moment and with unsual hormone readings in my blood tests this is apparently normal! lol But I have to get back on track and settled down before I go mad!!!


my poor kids have just been doing a few printed activities and no “Real” work our solar system is on hold while our landlord boots the lettings agents up the arse and to be honest I have no idea what is going on there! so I have all the bills to do tomorrow ready for duncans wages going in Friday I will allow them to just potter tomorrow and Friday and then monday back to the grind stone again starting with new timetables and back to controlled timings again and back to my missed afternoon walks I cant really tell you anything we have done in the missing gap due to the missing photo’s off my phone (naturally I document our activities with photos).


Anyway watch this space I think for this year a rethink maybe in order but not sure how you stop devine intervention of bad luck it would appear the year of the Dragon is not going to be a good one for me so I need a good plan to tackle it.


for now I still have a few things to do before I have a chance to go to bed so I had better get one x