Sorry about the delay despite changing the password the day my Mobile phone was stolen for some reason I was locked out of my account but WordPress have given me access again now so one happy bunny.

Ok so we have sat down as a family and decided together that the children would like to stick to the progect orientated route we have been travelling on and we have also decided that for now it isn’t doing them any harm to be doing Ad lib learning (thomas has been using his computer a lot and Jessica has been watching Super Why cooking with mummy reading to Poorly baby Emily etc) so until everything finds its normal pace we are just going down the see how each day works out see how I am feeling with the side effects to the medication I have been put on and just see how things go.

Duncan and I are going away this weekend alone and although we have an Evening do and Duncan has a Conference to go to we are hoping to take the oppotunity to have a talk about how best to tackle this tricky start to the year.

The loss of communication is really a big big problem as I am unaware of anything that is going on and with problems leading to the loss of groups or the temporary cancellation of some groups (both Alderbury one week due to loss of car and Sixpenny Handley due to Hall Flooding repair work) it is made harder by the total lack of being able to call for help or arrange play dates but I pick up my new mobile saturday so fingers crossed should be back online by monday after Alderbury.

It isn’t always easy homeschooling and when everything seems to go wrong all at once I sometimes wonder if I am really doing what is best but funny enough this is normally the time I see the biggest improvements in my children not because they learn more when things go to pot but because I take the time to look at what they have achieved. I always find these are the times my mum (doesnt agree with Home Education) and my Dad (Doesn’t think I am the type to Home Educate) tend to put the pressure on to send them back to school like little lambs too but in some ways it just makes me more determined to over come what ever it is and put things back on track so really works more to my benefit.

anyway although sometimes it would be nice to have them actually back me up and offer the support I need rather than seize their chance to try and convince me to place the children back into school it would appear it is what I need even if at the time it doesn’t seem like it.

One Thing I have found over this tricky Period is Homeschooling is something that for us means me doing it mostly alone I never realised how alone I was until I have had this long period without the Important people I rely on to keep me sane (Nicky, Gemma, Dee, Karen, Liz, Kirsty, Lindsey, Paula every member of Alderbury and Sixpenny Handley really do their own part in helping me keep my sanity) and without these special people I find home educating and life balance a struggle so I am counting down the days till monday where hopefully I will receive the great news that Sixpenny Handley hall is fully repaired and back ready to restart from the christmas break.

This doesnt mean that everyone who home educates have to drive for miles and miles and be out 2-3 days a week but for us I need my Home educating friends not just my normal day to day friends who I see from time to time and who although they are there when I need them it’s not the same I feel closer to some of my home education friends regardless of the fact I have known others longer lol.

Its also the isolation from others like my cousin Laura, it has made me realise how lucky I am really I have this fantastic support network most of whom are like extended family and help me be the person I am after not having them for a couple of months or not regularly anyway I have noticed how they really do keep me going.

The strangest thing about home schooling is I have found I learn just as much as the children do and being the type of person who loves to learn and loves learning in general this is a big bonus for me and it seems to be my interest that keeps the children interested even In the boring subjects.

I have found it harder since my lovely husband Duncan has been working longer hours since his promotion and we are still waiting to see how this effects us financially but I am sure everything will work itself out eventually.

Anyway I think some time away will do a world of good hopefully Emily will be better soon and we will be back on the ball again in no time.